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#Poetry : Blessed Love

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Bless the wings which fly,

me through the sky-

Finding the journey is shorter,

when you have the means,

to touch beyond the day. 

New transforms the everness

marking a last goodbye.

You leave your past behind

to see the roots become,

nothing like before.

Can you imagine-

a day without sorrow.

Can you see the love?

It stops for nothing.

It cuts darkness like a knife,

leaving slivers of itself,

guiding the new tomorrow. 


Author: oaksofsplendor

Upon deciding to blog about my life I decided that I would come up with a pseudonym, simply because it would give me the liberty to write things that I may not write otherwise. It's as simple as that. I want to have complete honesty about the thoughts that will become words to tell the story of my life, the opinions of my heart. E.V Nabors is also a homage to my roots, to my family tree. The oak tree standing in the forest of understanding; I hope it will speak out and inspire you. If I can do but one thing it is to help the robin into her nest.

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