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#Poetry: Homage To

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Like the wild flower in the woods,

I pay homage to the butterfly

With her transformative wings,

As she floats along the breeze.

Like the honeysuckle lining the path,

I pay homage to the humming bird,

Helping each bud to blossom,

As she flutters her wings with a steady beat.

Like the wild strawberry in the field,

I pay homage to the honey bee,

Guiding the change from flower to fruit,

As she hurriedly flies from bloom to bloom.

Whether you be butterfly, bird , or bee.

Each embraces life so differently.

Flying through the sky at your own pace.

I pay homage to the way you have been created,

With love, beauty, and grace. 

Author: oaksofsplendor

Upon deciding to blog about my life I decided that I would come up with a pseudonym, simply because it would give me the liberty to write things that I may not write otherwise. It's as simple as that. I want to have complete honesty about the thoughts that will become words to tell the story of my life, the opinions of my heart. E.V Nabors is also a homage to my roots, to my family tree. The oak tree standing in the forest of understanding; I hope it will speak out and inspire you. If I can do but one thing it is to help the robin into her nest.

One thought on “#Poetry: Homage To

  1. I love this poem… It’s beautiful how we’ve each been created for a unique and beautiful purpose. Someone encouraged me to fly this next year as I turn another year older. I’ve been thinking about this theme of flying so reading your poem was a sweet reminder that flying can look different for different people, just as it is different in nature. Whether it’s sparing through the sky look an eagle or from flower to for like the hummingbird, I’m so thankful to allow God to be the wind beneath my wings. Blessings to you as you take flight each day to experience Him anew.💗


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