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#Poetry: Hold Me to the Light

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Hold me to the Light,

Shine – snuffing out the lies,

Oh, Lord.

Let the seas of truth,

flash flood over the damn. 

No longer are the words kept from the hungry.

Fill the thirst.

Fill the hunger.

Shine- Truth on every nation.



Lift my heart with understanding, 

Teach me your way

Oh, Lord.

Let the truth of who you are pass from these lips,

Refereeing your unending grace,

to those who still need to see.

Let my light be a reflection

Unto your sacrifice.

Unto your grace.  

And may we all stand tall-

In the Hope of Glory. 

Author: oaksofsplendor

Upon deciding to blog about my life I decided that I would come up with a pseudonym, simply because it would give me the liberty to write things that I may not write otherwise. It's as simple as that. I want to have complete honesty about the thoughts that will become words to tell the story of my life, the opinions of my heart. E.V Nabors is also a homage to my roots, to my family tree. The oak tree standing in the forest of understanding; I hope it will speak out and inspire you. If I can do but one thing it is to help the robin into her nest.

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