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#Poetry Friday : Before I Found the Light Series

I found myself trapped,

torn down by my own belief

in the importance of other’s opinions.

Circumstances out of my control-

lead me to devalue all but

the importance in myself.

No blame is laid on the events-

which lead me here,

to where I am supposed to be.

Great, unimaginable strength

was gained from all this bitterness,

turned from a negative to a positive.

Now we are apart,

a friendship is over-

but no harshness or hurt is left,

only love and gratitude

for the things we did not see. 

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#Poetry Friday : Before I Found the Light Series

I hear-

I see-

all that I am,

every moment that strengthens me.

Tears no more-

Fear is gone-

every breath is new. 

The awakening moments of life’s 

eternal spring.

Searching inside-

Finding the truth-

Letting the heavy burdens fall,

carrying the sorrow no longer.

Releasing the pain- 

Saying goodbye-

to all the self doubt and never looking back.

Taking a new path-

that leads me-

to happy thoughts and joyful times,

which will soon fill my soul. 

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#Poetry Friday : Before I Found the Light Series

Fear was confronted today,

like two rams butting heads at full force.

No longer am I held down

by the words that wouldn’t come.

The words sprung from my heart-

a river that had no end,

kept turning and winding through-

to the point of life springing

waters of releasing bliss.

Freedom from all the sorrow,

No longer drowning

but floating on towards tomorrow

For tomorrow is a new day. 


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#Poetry Friday : Before I Found the Light Series

Where are you tonight?

Are you under the sky of bliss,

The thoughts of reflection

like a mirror that won’t go away-

until you break the connection of sight.

I thought I saw you there looking 

back at me,

but it was only the watery reflection 

of the things I use to be.

Have I found you after so many trials?

Of searching, waiting, wanting

to let you back.

You stand beside me

with hands stretched out

open to hold the value of Love-



The good always comes with the bad,

lost in you is not the exception.

Finding you proves the point of

 one’s own conflicting dreams-

Imagine the ideas that float

freely by my tunneled vision,

Strength in every number that

chases you till the very end. 

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#Poetry Friday : Before I Found the Light Series

Starting this Friday I am going to try and commit to sharing more of my poetry. SInce it seems like my poems get the most likes of all my posts. I am going to start with a series of Poems I am entitling  “Before I Found the Light”. The are poems when I was suffering in pain and turmoil with depression, before I was re-baptized last summer. I was baptized as an infant when I was a child, but last year 2016. I walked into a river in Texas and choose to declare giving my life over to the Light of the world. It was then I was reborn. Over the next 10 weeks I am going to share some of these poems ever Poetry Friday. I figure it’s a good way to end the working week. First Poem is the answer to a poem I shared before. the one I wrote at the age 18 about who I am. Or who I thought I was at the age of 18. I am including both to show the transition that occurred. I wrote the first in at 18 and the second when I was 22 years old.

My 18 Year Old Self

I am trapped in myself. 
Yearning to be set free,
captured by my own inner turmoil of self discovery.
My life moves outside the bubble
of inflicted learning, of self realism. 
I cry to move.
Holding on just a moment longer.
Let go I say,
so I may be able to dance to a new me,
sing of the awakening,
think about tomorrow.
For it is then,
I shall be set free. 


My 22 Year Old Self


I was once trapped in myself,

Now I am set free-

Free to my own self-discovery,

Enlightened to move into my own self realistic thought,

No longer do I hold onto my outer wall

It has been released to show the true me,

I now dance anew-

Sing an awakening tune-

Live for today-

Look for tomorrow-

For I am now set free;

Freedom will ring through out my days. 



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#Poetry: Hold Me to the Light

Hold me to the Light,

Shine – snuffing out the lies,

Oh, Lord.

Let the seas of truth,

flash flood over the damn. 

No longer are the words kept from the hungry.

Fill the thirst.

Fill the hunger.

Shine- Truth on every nation.



Lift my heart with understanding, 

Teach me your way

Oh, Lord.

Let the truth of who you are pass from these lips,

Refereeing your unending grace,

to those who still need to see.

Let my light be a reflection

Unto your sacrifice.

Unto your grace.  

And may we all stand tall-

In the Hope of Glory. 

#Poetry: Homage To

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Like the wild flower in the woods,

I pay homage to the butterfly

With her transformative wings,

As she floats along the breeze.

Like the honeysuckle lining the path,

I pay homage to the humming bird,

Helping each bud to blossom,

As she flutters her wings with a steady beat.

Like the wild strawberry in the field,

I pay homage to the honey bee,

Guiding the change from flower to fruit,

As she hurriedly flies from bloom to bloom.

Whether you be butterfly, bird , or bee.

Each embraces life so differently.

Flying through the sky at your own pace.

I pay homage to the way you have been created,

With love, beauty, and grace. 

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#Poetry : Blessed Love

Bless the wings which fly,

me through the sky-

Finding the journey is shorter,

when you have the means,

to touch beyond the day. 

New transforms the everness

marking a last goodbye.

You leave your past behind

to see the roots become,

nothing like before.

Can you imagine-

a day without sorrow.

Can you see the love?

It stops for nothing.

It cuts darkness like a knife,

leaving slivers of itself,

guiding the new tomorrow.